LPIA vs Democratic Senator Claire Celsie – First Victory

For Immediate Release:

PRESS RELEASE: The Libertarian Party of Iowa (LPIA) and Thomas Halterman clears first hurdle in lawsuit against Iowa Senator Claire Celsi

We allege Senator Celsi recently engaged in unconstitutional conduct, namely in limiting the Iowa voter’s ability to engage in discourse on her Twitter account, @claire4iowa. Mr. Halterman, a resident of Iowa District 21 and a registered voter, made several attempts to participate in a civil discussion regarding issues brought up by the Senator on her Twitter account. Similarly, LPIA Chair Joseph Howe, along with multiple commentators on Twitter, challenged Senator Celsi’s position on 2nd Amendment rights. After a civil conversation on the matter, Senator Celsi blocked several of the participants from her Twitter account, demonstrating a general lack of regard for the diverse political voices of Iowans everywhere.

Senator Celsi filed a pre-answer motion to dismiss. Her argument among others, hinged on two basic premises: (a) there is no state law requiring public officials to communicate with the constituents, and (b) her twitter account in question is her personal one.

On Wednesday, November 13 in District Federal Court, the  motion to dismiss was denied, meaning the LPIA’s lawsuit will continue to be litigated on the merits of the case. The LPIA continues to contend that Senator Celsi has used her Twitter account as an official means of communication and that constituents have a right to be able to communicate via these means.

Attached via this link is a copy of the ruling: Order Denying Motion

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