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We are Iowa’s fastest growing party, growing 40% over the past year! We ran a record number of candidates in 2018 and are recruiting for 2019 and 2020. Help keep up the momentum by registering Libertarian below.

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LPIA Convention Agenda

Only delegates selected at LPIA Caucus will be able to participate in the party business section. Delegates must be registered for convention as well, click here for tickets LPIA State Convention Agenda, Grand View University, Des Moines, Iowa Check in

LPIA Candidate Filing Deadline, March 13th

Friend of Liberty, With the LPIA ballot access/early candidate filing lawsuit pending in court, the 2020 filing deadline for partisan candidates for state house, state senate and federal elections is March 13th. County partisan offices is March 20th. If you

LPIA Caucus County Breakdown

LPIA has reviewed credentialed delegates and all caucus participants, both at county sites and virtual. We found one individual in Jefferson County that had voted in both virtual and in-person. Per LPIA rules we have removed their vote from the

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