Press Release Regarding LPIA Presidential Forum

For Immediate Release:

PRESS RELEASE: The Libertarian Party of Iowa (LPIA) to host Libertarian Presidential Forum

The Libertarian Party of Iowa, at our annual State Convention, will be hosting it’s first ever Presidential Candidate Forum.

The convention will feature keynot speaker, former United States Senator and Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and Greene County Attorney Thomas Laehn, both registered Libertarians as well as Libertarian National Committee Representative Joshua Smith.

The Presidential forum will be moderated by Adam Sullivan of The Cedar Rapids Gazette and include the following participants:

Kimberly Ruff – Political activist
Jacob Hornberger – Founder, Future of Freedom Foundation
New Hampshire State Representative Max Abramson
Daniel Behrman – Podcast host and entrepreneur
Ken Armstrong – Former NATO Base Commander
Jo Jorgenson – 1996 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

The LPIA State Convention will be held on February 28th and 29th, 2020 at the Grand View University Student Center in Des Moines. The Presidential Forum will be live-streamed and open to press. Additionally, the LPIA Delegation will conduct party business and elect their 2020 State Central Committee.

About the Libertarian Party of Iowa:

Founded in 1975, the LPIA has promoted Libertarian ideals and candidates for four decades. In 2018 the Libertarian Party had a record number of votes cast for Libertarian candidates and ran a record number of candidates. Nearly a dozen Libertarians are currently elected to county and city non-partisan offices and the party is concentrating on electing Libertarians to additional local offices in 2019. The Libertarian Party of Iowa has over 14,000 registered members and is the fastest growing political organization in Iowa.

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