LPIA Primary Voting Information

Time is flying by, I can’t believe that our first major party primary is next week on the 5th! Join me at the polls and send a message to Iowa’s political establishment.

With a contested primary for governor with Marco Battaglia and Jake Porter, what better time to make your voice count at the ballot?

Here are a couple of resources to help you vote in the Libertarian Party Primary:

Visit the Secretary of State’s site to find your polling place and be sure to ask for a Libertarian ballot!

Want to vote early in person? Click this link to find out how.

Not registered to vote Libertarian? Have friends and family that you want to join our party and movement? Register online here and forward to any interested parties, it now takes less than two minutes to become a registered Libertarian! You can also register same day at your polling place!

Bring your friends and family to the polls with you, it is important that Iowans hear all voices that are rejecting the two party stranglehold on our politics, your vote, time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

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