Road to Freedom Omaha UnConvention Event

This weekend the Libertarian Party of Iowa will co-host the first annual Omaha Roads to Freedom UnConvention.

Four Iowans will be among the speakers:

*Marco Battaglia, activist, musician, and candidate for the 2018 Libertarian Party nomination for governor of Iowa

*Dr. Lee Heib, Naval doctor and spinal surgeon, author, speaker and 2014 Libertarian gubernatorial candidate

*Dr. Bryan Jack Holder, libertarian constitutionist, and citizen journalist running for Congress for the third time.

*Jake Porter, business consultant, and longtime Libertarian Party member, candidate for Iowa Secretary of State in 2010 and 2014. Porter is currently running in a contested primary for governor against Battaglia.

Check to see the complete list of speakers which includes Dr. Ron Paul, Austin Petersen, Larry Sharpe, and many more. Use coupon code roads2freedom to save 20% on tickets. Omaha UnConvention begins this Thursday evening and ends late Sunday night with an UnConvention Costume Ball feat. Abney Park

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