Libertarian? Run for Office

Wanting to run Libertarian in this upcoming general election? Did you miss the primary filing deadline due to our new major party filing timeline?

Now may be your chance to get on the ballot and to make a difference in Iowa politics. From State Senate to County Supervisor there may still be a route to the general election ballot for you.

We will be reconvening our state convention on June 9th following the state primary as a special nominating convention to select our Lt. Governor candidate to complete our gubernatorial top of the ticket race.

Libertarians will also have an opportunity to fill statewide or U.S. Congressional District level ballot vacancies. One candidate, Jules Ofenbakh, is already announced to run for the Secretary of State nomination.

Looking to run at a local or state level? Contact us and we will put you in touch with your county party Chair and we can organize special nominating convention to fill State Senate, State House vacancies, etc.

Please click here and fill out our candidate contact form and one of our state leaders will reach out to you for details and help

Let’s make 2018 a year to count in fielding Libertarian candidates and packing the ballot to ensure Iowans have a real choice in the general election!