Abortion Debate: LPIA Calls for Humility and Grace

The Libertarian Party of Iowa opposes the recent special session of the Iowa State Legislature. Firmly believing in defending the inalienable rights of all individuals; recognizing the absence of a clear consensus on this matter, the party emphasizes the need for careful consideration, humility, and grace in navigating this difficult terrain – none of which was seen throughout this process.
The Libertarian Party of Iowa brings attention to the regrettable pattern displayed by the Republican and Democratic parties in handling the abortion topic. Instead of engaging in constructive dialogue, these parties often resort to divisive rhetoric, fueling fear, anger, and resentment among Iowans. They have exploited this issue for decades to manipulate voters’ emotions and consolidate their own power. Furthermore, the timing of this special legislative session speaks volumes about the legislators’ intent to divert the attention of Iowa citizens from other pressing matters, such as eminent domain concerns benefiting private corporations, massive widespread property value assessments, economic inflation, and the challenges faced by locally owned small businesses struggling to remain open due to difficulties in finding and retaining staff.
The Libertarian Party of Iowa would like to bring to light additional alarming developments surrounding this special session. That the Governor signed the bill at a rally organized for special interest groups, further highlighting how this topic has been used to fundraise and divide. This highly partisan setting, scheduled prior to the call for a special session, undermines the integrity of the legislative process and raises concerns about the motivations behind this session and its timing.
Moreover, it needs to be noted that a lawsuit has already been filed challenging the constitutionality of the proposed restrictions, further underscoring the chaotic and controversial nature of this special session. It is disheartening to witness the circus-like atmosphere surrounding the entire process.  Instead of engaging in thoughtful discourse, state leadership has resorted to forcing through bills destined to be tied up in the court system, leaving Iowans in further uncertainty.
Iowans were embarrassed to see the scenes that took place this week in the Rotunda of the Iowa State Capitol, with supporters of both sides fueled by decades of inflammatory rhetoric facing off with each other.
The LPIA remains steadfast in reminding Iowans that our representative form of government was designed to provide checks and balances, preventing any single branch from exerting excessive control over the state. This special session, held to merely endorse the Governor’s agenda, and the calls from the above special interest group to replace Iowa Supreme Court members who did not align unquestioningly with that agenda, raise serious concerns about the future of our state.
Representative democracy exists to safeguard against tyranny by mob rule and protect the rights of each individual. We urge Iowans to consider the consequences of blindly aligning with the two other major parties and instead embrace a principled alternative approach that values individual liberties and seeks genuine solutions. The Libertarian Party of Iowa welcomes interested individuals and organizations to join the conversation and contribute to the ongoing pursuit of liberty and justice for all.


 The Libertarian Party of Iowa remains committed to America’s heritage of freedom, which encompasses individual liberty, personal responsibility, a free-market economy fostering abundance and prosperity, and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace, and free trade. To learn more, please visit our website at https://www.lpia.org

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