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Myra Matejka

Office You’re Seeking

Iowa House of Representatives – District 70

About the Candidate

Born and raised in Cedar Rapids Iowa, Myra is running for Iowa House of Representatives, District 70, located on the south side of the city. Myra has worked as an activist for the Libertarian Party of Iowa since 2012, when she helped to form and organize the second largest county affiliate in the state; represent the first congressional district for the state party for two terms; and most recently serve as the Co-chair of the state party. Myra has worked tirelessly for the LPIA in many capacities from speaking in high schools to encourage the youth to become engaged in our political system, ensuring the party is included in forums and community activities, boosting the party’s fundraising efforts, creating literature and graphics, and throwing well-renowned kick-ass conventions.

Why Are You Running

As a mother of 4, and former homeschooling mom, Myra is a huge advocate for school choice.

“We’ve spent a lot of time saying we are ‘Pro-Teacher’. It is easy to be pro-teacher, lets also be ‘Pro-Parent’ and ‘Pro-Student'”, Myra says.

Her second hot topic item is property tax reform.

“We need to build a strong community of people who want to stay in Iowa. We want Iowans to be prosperous and build wealth. We can start to do this by eliminating property tax for all debt free properties.”

Lastly, Myra is passionate about reforming our criminal justice system.

“If there is no victim, there should be no crime. We need legislators to be reminded every day, that government action is always more costly and less efficient. I want to be the person to tell them that every single day I walk into the Capitol.”

Where Can We Learn More

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