Run for Office in 2020 as a Libertarian

Why I ran for office and why you should consider running as a Libertarian


There were many reasons I ran for office as a Libertarian. One of them was so independent Iowans would have a choice outside of the legacy parties, so you could vote for something and not for the lessor of two evils, so Libertarian ideas could be discussed in the press and within our communities.

I ran to advocate for criminal justice reform, protect the 2nd Amendment, advocate for medical cannabis expansion, to address mental health stigmas. Many of these issues would have been sidelined if Libertarian candidates did not run.

Do you feel as strongly on the issues of personal freedom as I do? Are you passionate about helping those hurt by government overreach and oppression?

If so, I ask you to strongly consider running for office as a Libertarian and to fight for the rights of all Iowans. Drive the conversation, fight for our rights and run as a Libertarian.

The Republicans and Democrats have moved candidate filing deadlines to March 13th of 2020. Folks that are considering running next year will need to get their petitioning started this year to ensure their place on the ballot. Some races, like state house, require only fifty signatures, with all seats up for election in 2020 this is a prime opportunity to have a Libertarian on the ballot in every state house district.

Some resources:

Candidate info – Iowa Secretary of State

Let me know you’re running – LPIA Candidate Form

Thank you for your support,

Jake Porter

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