Special Nominating Convention Results: Dallas, Linn and Polk Counties

Part of the privilege of being a major party in Iowa is the ability to fill ballot vacancies via special nominating conventions. Recently Dallas, Linn and Polk Counties conducted special nominating conventions for Iowa House ballot vacancies. The Libertarian Party of Iowa (LPIA) is proud to announce a further SIX candidates for Iowa House, listed in order of district number:

Toya Johnson – HD 32
John Callahan – HD 35
Joseph Howe – HD 36
Anthony Junk – HD 39
Gabriel Thomson – HD 44
Myra Matejka – HD 70

We thank these candidates for making sure Iowans have a choice at the ballot, three of these races are against an unchallenged incumbent. NO Iowa voter should have only one choice on their ballot, where the Democrat or Republican Parties fail in their duty, the Libertarian Party will step up.

Our major party conventions afford us the ability to efficiently use our numbers to punch outside of our weight class by bypassing the requirements to gather thousands of petition signatures, allowing our party and candidates to direct precious time and resources to organize and reach our voters. Additionally, when we maintain major party status, in 2020 we will not need to petition to place our presidential nominee on the general election ballot in Iowa.

Major party status has also afforded us the ability to run primary campaigns, earning press a year ahead of the election, rather than be a back page topic, our candidates have been invited to televised debates, local and single issue forums, local and statewide newspaper interviews and coverage. Additionally in the two months leading up to the primary, our party registered numbers grew by nearly 20% as Iowa voters changed their registration to vote Libertarian.

It is not enough to simply maintain our party status, we need to exceed  the requirements, we need to win. With nearly a dozen elected Libertarians in the state in non-partisan office, we have proven that we can govern. Our candidates need your time and funds, so does the LPIA.

Please take a moment and donate to the cause of Liberty via the link below, click our candidate link here to find out how to contact your Iowa candidates and to see how to help them. Help us blow past our major party requirements and take us in for the big win.

Click here to donate, single donations are great, recurring donations help us budget for the year and are greatly encouraged.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to Liberty

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