***UPDATED***LPIA Nominee Jake Porter Invited to Televised Debate

***KTIV has rescind their invitation, citing criteria decided by their corporate executives and attorney’s. The LPIA is disappointing that KTIV and other Iowa stations disregard the interest of a fully informed electorate and exclude a major party candidate debate, influencing our election in a way that Putin would be proud of***

For Immediate release: Tuesday, June 19, 2019 3:00 P.M.

PRESS RELEASE: Libertarian Candidate Jake Porter Accepts Televised Gubernatorial Debate Invitation

Iowa businessman and Libertarian nominee for governor, Jake Porter, has been invited to participate in Sioux City NBC Affiliate KTIV’s Iowa gubernatorial debate. Porter has accepted the invitation and is prepared and eager to debate his fellow major party candidates on the issues and to take the Libertarian message to Iowans statewide.

If our Republican and Democrat opponents accept, this will mark the first time in Iowa history that a Libertarian candidate will be included in a televised governor debate.

The Libertarian Party of Iowa (LPIA) would like to thank KTIV for ensuring that Iowans will hear all options and positions and will be able to make fully informed decisions at the polls this November. With 40% of Iowans now registered as no party, this is an opportunity for these voters to learn about a different party and candidate choice.

The LPIA believes that Libertarian candidates should be included in all televised debates statewide, particularly as our qualified candidates meet the filing criteria to be placed on Iowa ballots as major party candidates. We appreciate KTIV recognizing their responsibilities as members of the fourth estate in ensuring a fully informed electorate.

The Libertarian Party of Iowa represents over 11,000 registered Libertarians and achieved major party status following Governor Johnson and Governor Weld’s record breaking 2016 Presidential Campaign. In 2018 the LPIA conducted its first ever caucus to convention cycle and participated in its first primary election as a major party.

For the first time in LPIA history, there is a full statewide and federal candidate slate as nominated at state convention  and primary election. The LPIA is on pace to run a record number of candidates up and down ballot for Iowa voters to consider.

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