Libertarian Party Candidates for President – Part Two

Several individuals have announced their campaigns for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 nominee for President of the United States. The nominee will be elected by delegates to the national convention in May 2016. The Iowa delegation is seeking input from Libertarians in the state as to who should be the nominee. Comments may be submitted to this post or sent to Below is a summary of the declared candidates.


Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson


Residence: Taos, New Mexico

Born: Minot, ND; January 1, 1953 (63 years old)

Profession: started a handyman business in the 1970’s that he grew into a construction company and sold in 1994; now has interests in other businesses

Prior Campaigns: 2012 – Libertarian Party nominee for President; 1994 & 1998 – won election (as a Republican) for governor of New Mexico

2016 Campaign Themes: reduce government with lower taxes, less regulation, a balanced budget, term limits for Congress

Campaign Strategy: Given his prior term of service as governor and his run for president, he starts the primary with more media attention and background information than other candidates

Other: He describes himself as an “avid skier, adventurer, and bicylist;” he has climbed the tallest mountain on each of the 7 continents, incliuding Mt. Everest.

Website/Social Media:;;


Steve Kerbel
Steve Kerbel


NOTE: Steve Kerbel ended his campaign on March 16, 2016.

Residence: Colorado

Born: Los Angeles, California (~54 years old)

Profession: Businessman, including work in the insurance industry and as an entrepreneur

Prior Campaigns: None.

2016 Campaign Themes: Government should be reduced to allow for personal and local opportunity and the social benefits that come from greater independent liberty, related items being criminal punishment and removal of income taxation; troops should be removed from places that do not threaten the U.S.

Campaign Strategy: He has stated $2.5 million is needed to be competitive in the general election.

Other: He states his first vote, in 1980, was for Ed Clark, the Libertarian presidential candidate. He wrote a book published in July 2014, “Take ‘Everyman’ Down – a 12 Step Program to Servitude of the American Populace and Destruction of the American Dream.”

Website/Social Media:;


Darryl Perry
Darryl Perry


Residence: New Hampshire

Born: Birmingham, AL, February 7, 1978 (37 years old)

Profession: author, publisher, radio/TV host; owner/managing editor of Free Press Publications

Prior Campaigns: No campaigns indicated but founded the NH Liberty Party and was on the National Committee of the Boston Tea Party from 2008-2012, including serving as chairperson; vice chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

2016 Campaign Themes: voluntary funding of government programs instead of taxation, people (individuals and groups) should decide how and when to be governed, freedom of travel (including deciding where to live) should exist;

Campaign Strategy: He lists campaign expenses on his website but there is no indication if the items listed are all expenses. According to the website, he accepts contributions “only in crypto-currencies [e.g., Bitcoin] and precious metals.”

Other: He does not believe in the regulatory authority of the Federal Election Commission and has not filed with the FEC. In 2013, he announced his decision to run for president.

Website/Social Media:;;

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