Libertarian Party Candidates for President – Part One

Several individuals have announced their campaigns for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 nominee for President of the United States. The nominee will be elected by delegates to the national convention in May 2016. The Iowa delegation is seeking input from Libertarians in the state as to who should be the nominee. Comments may be submitted to this post or sent to Below is a summary of the declared candidates.

Marc Feldman
Marc Feldman


Residence: Cleveland, Ohio

Born: Washington, DC, 55 years old

Profession: Physician (anesthesiologist)

Prior Campaigns: 2014 – Ohio State Treasurer, 2010 – Ohio Attorney General

2016 Campaign Themes: large campaign donations corrupt politics, would audit the Affordable Care Act to make sure it is meeting goals, has a 4-point “progressive plan to shrink the Federal Government: balance the budget, audit all Federal agencies and laws, show the effectiveness of charitable organizations, and exempt with a tax rebate for donations to certified effective charities

Campaign Strategy: Limit donations to $5.00

Other: Did not vote until he was 50 and became a Libertarian

Website/Social Media:; twitter/votesnotforsale;


Cecil Ince
Cecil Ince


Cecil Ince suspended his campaign on March 18, 2016, citing results of straw polls and primary votes.

Residence: Springfield, Missouri

Born: Fort Worth, TX, December 29, 1975, 40 years old

Profession: actor

Prior Campaigns: 2010 – Texas Legislature, 2004 – Missouri Secretary of State, 2002 – Missouri Legislature

2016 Campaign Themes: end the Federal Reserve, repeal the 16th Amendment (income taxation), end the DEA and FDA, and similar themes linked to Jeffersonian democracy

Campaign Strategy: Raise a million dollars

Other: He was known for a few years as Christopher Davis, a name change based on familial affiliation that he gave up due to legal requirements that identification documents match. He served on the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council from 2006 until 2007. He joined the Libertarian Party in 2000.

Website/Social Media:;;



Residence: Owensboro, Kentucky

Other:  He is listed here because he filed candidate papers with the FEC in September 2015 and in at least Missouri and North Carolina he is on a Libertarian Party primary ballot. While he can run for president, he would not be able to serve as he would be under 35 at the time of inauguration. Consequently, the Libertarian Party does not include him in the official list of candidates seeking the party’s nomination. For this post, the researcher was unable to find interviews or other means by which to confirm information about the candidate.


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