On Wednesday, February 8, the Libertarian Party of Iowa will officially file with the Iowa Secretary of State’s office for major party status. After 21 days, the Libertarian Party of Iowa will officially become the third recognized major party in Iowa. This means the state party will now be able to hold primaries and makes running candidates much simpler.

Major party status requires a political party receive 2% of the vote in every general election at the top of the ticket which is President or Governor depending on which one is up for election. Last November, Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson received 3.8% of the vote with over 59,000 total votes in Iowa. In the past 5 years, the Libertarian Party of Iowa registered voters greatly expanded increasing from 1,500 to 10,000 registered Iowa voters.

The state party recently hired Jake Porter to take over as Executive Director. Porter is working on improving the marketing of the party, recruiting local candidates in 2017, redesigning the website, improving marketing materials, setting up databases, and providing better affiliate support to county organizations.

All this takes money. Please contribute below so the Libertarian Party of Iowa can keep major party status: