Donate $20.17 To Help LPIA Keep Major Party Status

In 2017, The Libertarian Party of Iowa has become a major party in the state of Iowa. To keep major party status, the party has upgraded the state party website and is looking into creating new brochures, marketing materials, running Facebook ads, purchasing a database to benefit county parties and candidates, and setting-up county organizations across the state.

All this takes money. To celebrate major party status in the year 2017 and to make sure the Libertarian Party of Iowa maintains major party status after the 2018 election, we are looking to raise $2,017 in the month of February so we can start on upgrading our marketing materials, brochures, and purchasing our database. All will go a long way in making the party look professional and helping recruit and elect local libertarian candidates this year. Your contribution of $20.17 will go a long way in helping us maintain major party status.

Alternatively, you can send a personal check the address listed below:

Libertarian Party of Iowa
PO Box 480
Des Moines, IA 50302