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Growing Stronger

Thank you.

Thank you for your votes and for considering Libertarian candidates.

The Libertarian Party of Iowa was proud to put up a strong slate of candidates in the 2014 election.  We look forward to continuing the conversation with Iowans and preparing for the future.

You can join in. There are county affiliates formed and forming that would welcome your participation.


Ed Wright, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from the 3rd District spoke with the Des Moines Register about the future of the LPIA for a November 10, 2014, post-election story:

“Wright, who served for six years as the Libertarian Party state chairman, told The Des Moines Register he thinks there is room for growth for the party in Iowa.

‘I think that people increasingly see that regardless of which of the two big parties is in power in Congress that “We the people” consistently get less and less freedom, and if any one concept defines Americanism it is freedom,’ Wright said.

‘Repeatedly, we are getting more and more regulation, taxation, invasion of privacy — all of the concepts that our Founders had in mind when they created our country,’ he added. ‘We are seeing that persistently eroded by actions of the fear-mongering and the trickery of the two big parties as they consistently claw for more and more power for themselves and their cronies with utter disregard for the freedom and property and rights of we the people.’”

Iowa Taxpayer Funded TV Station Omits Candidate

DES MOINES, IA – Iowa Public Television (IPTV), a nonprofit, state tax supported television station failed to include all Secretary of State candidates in the Friday, October 3rd episode of Iowa Press. They failed to invite Jake Porter, the Libertarian Party candidate. Ironically, the discussions on the show were related to having fair elections, higher voter turnout, and an end to the Democratic-Republican party bickering.

IPTV also decided to showcase only 2 of the 5 candidates for Governor a few months ago by excluding Libertarian Party candidate Dr. Lee Hieb, Iowa Party candidate Jonathan Narcisse and New Independent Party candidate Jim Hennager. How can a TV station supported by tax dollars and individual donations exclude candidates who are on the ballot? Iowa voters lose when their news is censored.

If the National Football League (NFL) operated this way, the NFL would pick 2 teams in October to be in the Super Bowl and there would be no playoffs. The games for the remainder of the season would be pointless and attendance would plummet.

Iowa voters cannot get excited about elections when the candidates with new ideas are not allowed to share those ideas. Iowa will be a better state when Iowa voters realize that their money is being used against them by those in power who are backed by big money. The Libertarian Party ask voters to consider all candidates and vote for the candidates who will represent the people of Iowa.

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