LPIA ExComm to Be Elected at State Convention

The Libertarian Party of Iowa is governed by an Executive Committee. This group of men and women serve two-year terms and are elected by the membership at state conventions held in odd-numbered years. The Executive Committee, or ExComm, serves the same purpose as any other board, including setting direction for the party, deciding funding issues, and voting on general business items.

To be eligible for the ExComm, a person must be a voting member of the LPIA and registered as a Libertarian on the State’s voter registration rolls. If you are interested in serving on the ExComm, please contact keith@lpia.org.

The current members of the ExComm have stated their willingness to serve another term. However, many people in the LPIA see strength in a party where there are multiple candidates for an office. This applies to candidates for the ExComm, too.

The LPIA does not have a deadline for putting one’s name forth to serve on the ExComm.  If you are interested, or think you might be interested, in serving on the LPIA’s governing committee, do not hesitate to reach out to the chairman at keith@lpia.org, or to any of the current members for more information.

Another presidential election year will soon be here. The ExComm elected at the March 28, 2015, LPIA State Convention will help decide and promote the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president. The ExComm will also be instrumental in helping the LPIA improve on its historic performance for state and federal candidates in the 2014 general election.




Libertarian Party of Iowa Against Proposed Pipeline That Has Ties To Former Texas Governor Rick Perry

Libertarian Party of Iowa Against Proposed Pipeline That Has Ties To Former Texas Governor Rick Perry

DES MOINES, IOWA – The Libertarian Party of Iowa has reiterated its support for personal property rights by opposing the proposed Bakken pipeline across Iowa which would use eminent domain to take property from Iowa landowners.

Governor Branstad ha s come out in support of the Bakken pipeline across Iowa, which is being reviewed by the Iowa Utilities Board. All three members on the Iowa Utilities Board were appointed by Governor Branstad. The beneficiary of the proposed Bakken crude oil pipeline across Iowa is a private owned company called Dakota Access LLC, a unit of Energy Transfer Partners of Dallas, Texas. Energy Transfer Partners recently disclosed that former Governor of Texas Rick Perry has joined their board of directors.

The Iowa Utilities Board has the authority to implement federal regulation of interstate pipelines (Iowa Code Chapter 479A) and the authority to implement certain control over hazardous liquid pipelines to protect landowners and tenants fr om environmental or economic damages (Iowa Code Chapter 179B). Per Iowa Code, a pipeline company granted a pipeline permit shall be vested with the right of eminent domain, to the extent necessary as prescribed and approved by the board. Eminent domain is the right of a government or its agent to seize, confiscate or use private property for public use, with payment of compensation. The Code further states that a permit shall not be granted to a pipeline company unless the board determines that the proposed services will promote the public convenience and necessity.

Libertarian Party of Iowa Chair, Keith Laube, has said that “The proposed pipeline will not serve Iowa utility customers like other existing utility pipelines in Iowa. There is no public use with the proposed Bakken pipeline. The beneficiary is a private owned company, Energy Transfer Partners”.

Laube condemned the use of eminent domain to build the pipeline. “The Bakken pipeline benefits a private entity with minimal benefits to the public. The proposed pipeline would encroach on Iowa’s agricultural landowners and place Iowa’s environment at risk”. The Libertarian Party of Iowa strongly opposes the use of eminent domain for the acquisition of easements for the Bakken crude oil pipeline across Iowa. The people of Iowa should unite with the Libertarian Party of Iowa to demand that the Iowa Public Utilities Board deny a pipeline permit so eminent domain is not used for this private pipeline project”.

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