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What does it mean to be a supporter and a volunteer?

Supporters help a campaign by promoting a candidate’s name recognition with yard signs, bumper stickers, letters to the editor, talking with friends and colleagues, and otherwise letting people they know or may encounter that the candidate is running for office. Supporters also help the campaign with financial donations.

Volunteers help the campaign by making sure supporters have the knowledge and materials to promote name recognition. Volunteers staff event booths, walk neighborhoods to distribute door hangers, label envelopes, assist with data management, and otherwise share their time.

Supporters and volunteers both help the campaign by learning about the candidate, passing on comments they hear about  issues of concern in the district or state, and otherwise preparing the candidate with information and other resources during the campaign that will make him or her a better representative of the district when elected to office.

LPIA candidates are traveling the state or their districts every week, meeting future constituents and talking about how they would serve. They need your help, as a supporter and/or volunteer.

Thank you and remember to vote Libertarian Party on November 4, 2014!


The Libertarian Party’s candidates are busy meeting with local groups, attending community activities, and holding events. These are opportunities for you, the citizens of Iowa, to learn more about these people seeking to represent you and to share with them your opinions on what government should and should not be doing. The events listed below are only some of the events where you can meet the candidates.

OCTOBER 4, 2014
Pumpkin Fest, Anamosa: Brian Cook

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014
Oktemberfest Parade, Marshalltown: Doug Butzier, Keith Laube

SEPTEMBER 20, 2014
Beaverdale Fall Festival Parade, Des Moines: Keith Laube

SEPTEMBER 11-14, 2014
National Cattle Congress fair, Waterloo: Keith Laube
Black Hawk County Libertarian Party will have a booth, other candidates attending to be ann0ounced

Young Americans for Liberty, Iowa City: Doug Butzier, Jake Porter
Calhoun County REC Annual Meeting, Rockwell City: Lynne Gentry

AUGUST 30, 2014
Guthrie County Fair: Ed Wright
Fonda, Parade & Car Show: Lynne Gentry

AUGUST 29, 2014
Pla-Mor Bowling Alley, Iowa Falls, 7:00 p.m.: Lee Hieb

Lynne Gentry campaigning in '29 Roadster for Iowa House Dist. 10

Lynne Gentry campaigning in ’29 Roadster for Iowa House Dist. 10



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