Recap from 2023 LPIA State Convention

The 2023 Libertarian Party of Iowa State Convention was held last weekend, April 28-29th, at the Holiday Inn Des Moines Dtwn Mercy Area. By all accounts was an amazing success, with an attendance of over 45 people on Friday night alone. The event showcased the party’s growing influence in the state, with a mix of both new and old faces attending.

Friday’s social event was marked by inspiring speeches from local Libertarians, including Dr. Thomas Laehn, who shared his vision and plans for a committee to look into running for federal office. Attendees also heard from Informed Choice Iowa activist Bethany Niermeyer and first-time State House candidate John Bothwell. It was inspiring to see so many Libertarians ready to take action and make a difference in their communities.

Saturday’s training sessions, led by Jess Mears of the Grassroots Leadership Academy, were equally informative and engaging. Attendees also had the opportunity to celebrate Rick Stewart’s 2022 LPIA Gubernatorial Campaign and honor Ed Wright and David Davis, two stalwarts of the party.

Chase Oliver and Mike ter Maat, both fantastic candidates for the 2024 LP Presidential nomination, also participated in the event, interacting with convention attendees, and giving speeches throughout the day. They gave us insight into how they would take the message of Liberty to the country if they were our nominee next year. Both candidates stated they would be back in Iowa soon.

The convention was also successful in terms of fundraising activities, with over $3,000 raised. This achievement shows the passion and commitment of the party members towards advancing Liberty across Iowa.

Overall, the Libertarian Party of Iowa’s 2023 State Convention was a testament to the growth of the party’s message in the state. With such a dedicated and passionate group of individuals, the future of Liberty in Iowa looks bright. The party believes that together, they can achieve great things and work towards a future where individual liberty and personal responsibility are cherished and celebrated.

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