Libertarian Party responds to the arrest of Rick Stewart



Libertarian Party responds to the arrest of Rick Stewart

LPIA gubernatorial candidate temporarily pauses active campaigning

Des Moines, Iowa (05/19/2022) – The Libertarian Party of Iowa completely supports the decision of Mr. Rick Stewart of Cedar Rapids to temporarily pause his campaign in order to focus on legal issues stemming from his arrest while participating in a non-violent protest in the Washington D.C. area. Mr. Stewart was protesting the DEA violating the rights of terminally ill cancer patients to experimental treatments under the “Right to Try” act. (

“Iowans deserve the right to make decisions about their own healthcare.  Our candidate is showing the ridiculousness of the system. In 2018 President Trump signed the “Right to Try” bill, supposedly guaranteeing the rights of terminal patients access to unapproved treatments, but we see here that another hold over of the failed War on Drugs is allowing the DEA to remove those rights.”  – Jules Ofenbakh, LPIA Chair

Iowans have the right to medical decisions

Iowans have repeatedly expressed their desire for the government to stay out of their personal medical decisions.  By objecting to proposed mandates, and fighting against the state’s attempts to deny treatment options, Iowans have made their choice clear. The Libertarian Party of Iowa and the Stewart/Battaglia campaign will be providing them a “First Choice for Governor” this November.

Rick Stewart is an experienced statewide candidate
A multi-generational Iowan, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Rick Stewart provides voters across Iowa with an experienced choice to the current Republican administration or Democratic challenger. Rick Stewart has run twice for US Senate (2014, 2022) and for Secretary of Agriculture (2018).

Additional information about Rick Stewart’s campaign can be found at

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