Linn County Affiliate Organizes 420 Protest

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers activists from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Sure, the weather was brutal, and we all got our third or fourth cases of COVID, but we at least made a few hundred commuters think about liberty on their way home from work.

It was April 20th, 2022, at 4:20 PM. The Linn County Libertarian affiliate, including gubernatorial candidate Rick Stewart, were representing liberty in front of the Linn County Courthouse. Can you guess the issue? Did the date and time provide enough clues? Yes, we are a clever bunch.

We braved the inclement weather to make the following statements:

  • We are appalled that we are still addressing prohibition as an effective means of influencing behavior despite a few dozen centuries of evidence that it does not work.
  • Victimless crimes are not crimes, because crimes require a victim.
  • Self-ownership is not contingent on anyone’s sanction until such time as a crime is committed. Please see the second bullet point regarding the definition of a crime.
  • Libertarians are a hearty bunch.

The marijuana aspect of this issue is not important. You can replace pot with food, medicine, physical fitness, association, taste in music, or any other nonviolent and volitional activity. This issue, at its root, is about one’s own agency as a human being. If the government can tell you to not ingest this or that, what else can they do? What line could exist if this is not it?

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