New Linn County Officers Elected

At the monthly Linn County Affiliate Meeting on March 16th, a new team of officers were elected. “We in the State Central Committee are energized by the election of new leadership in Linn County.” said Heath Long, District Two Representative. “We should see consistent activity and public engagement in the support of liberty in this important county, where we get more Libertarian votes than any other county in Iowa. An active affiliate is a good indicator of liberty on the move for all of Iowa.”

Meet the Team

James Erenberger, Linn County Chair

James “Jamie” Erenberger – County Chairman

James is a Libertarian of the Ron Paul Revolution. He voted for Congressman Paul in the Iowa Straw Poll in 2011 and has been active in politics since the age of twelve. James participated in protests as far back as 2003. In 2015 he became serious about the political environment and since 2019 he has been reading vigorously. His favorite topics include economics, history, finance, marketing, technology, psychology, and Libertarian philosophy. This is his first term as Chair of the Linn County Libertarian Affiliate. James lives in Cedar Rapids with his wife and three cats, where he works as an assembly operator in the aerospace industry.


Madalena Long, Linn County Secretary

Madalena “Lena” Long – County Secretary

Lena (pronounced, “lay-nah”) is a native Cedar Rapidian who spent much of her adult life residing in California and Arizona. She returned to Iowa in 2015 as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. She has always looked at society with a libertarian lens, but the events of the last few years have motivated her to act toward the end of a freer Iowa. Lena is also the Chief Educator in the Long Family School District, (LFSD) with an enrollment of one, her daughter Liliana.


Be sure to check for upcoming events on the LPIA website, as the team is making plans for an exciting 2022.

You can also catch up with them on Facebook, where you can like, share and comment to support the team.

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