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I wanted to take a minute to thank all of our volunteers for the hard work you put in this past election. While Jo Jorgensen may not have come out victorious, and we did not gain major party status in Iowa, we did have an amazing turnout and saw some records set in our local elections. We also saw a nearly 20% increase in the number of registered Libertarians in Iowa. 

These victories are just a small part of the big picture though. The dedication shown by so many of our volunteers will have a far greater impact as we get set up for success over the next two years. That said, election success is an endgame. There is so much more that needs done before we get to that point, and this is why we need volunteers to come out and help the party as we prepare for local and midterm elections.

Over the coming months, we are going to be focusing on establishing a network of volunteers across the state to help grow the party and to focus on advancing Libertarian principles through advocacy and outreach. Doing so will put us in a much better position to succeed next year in our local elections, as well as in ‘22 for midterm elections which will include a Governor’s race as well as another Senate race; both of which will be important in bringing libertarian ideas into the spotlight. The Gubernatorial race in particular is important, as that is a way we can achieve major party status once again in Iowa. All of this is on top of congressional and state house elections.

There are multiple ways that you can help us grow and succeed as a party:

  • Register as a Libertarian – Voter registration is a bellwether for the success of the party. If we want to grow our party, the number of registered Libertarians is key. The number of registered Libertarians has seen an increase of almost 20% in Iowa this election cycle. If you weren’t one of the registered Libertarians, you can still go to
  • Start or Join a County or College Affiliate – a strong state party starts at the local level. There are numerous county parties across the state that are active and holding monthly meetings that you can take part in. We have NUMEROUS counties that do not currently have an active party. We are also only represented by a college affiliate in one of Iowa’s colleges or universities. We need volunteers in those areas that can help us create a county party and hold meetings. Even 1-2 people in a county is a great start, and before you know it you will have a room full of passionate members that want to help spread libertarian ideals. If you are interested in starting or joining a county/college affiliate in Iowa, email me at
  • Join One of the LPIA’s Committees – The LPIA’s State Central Committee recently established committees focused on three main areas; Political and Public Policy, Affiliate and Outreach, and Marketing and Communications. We are looking for volunteers to join these committees. If you want to learn more about the committees, or want to sign up to join one, you can go to 
  • Run for Office – Starting with local elections next fall, we are looking to recruit candidates to represent Libertarian principles in Iowa. While races in Iowa’s larger cities get the most attention, oftentimes city council and mayoral races are unopposed in Iowa’s smaller towns. Interested in running for office? You can sign up at Not sure what will be up for election next year in your area? Just shoot me an email and I will be happy to help!
  • Donate/Become a Dues Paying LPIA Member – The generous donations of Iowan’s help make ideas, like the ones listed above, possible. Just $20 annually will make you a dues paying member of the LPIA. You can also set up recurring donations that help us out year round. You can go to to donate

These are just a few ways that you can get involved with the party. With your help we can grow the party and ensure success in Local and Midterm elections.

Thank you!

Mike Conner Jr

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