Libertarian Party Gains Ballot Access In Iowa


YOU did it!

The Libertarian Party of Iowa received confirmation from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office this morning that there were no objections to the filings submitted for Libertarian Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen. This means that Iowa will once again have a choice on the ballot this November that represents liberty, freedom, and principles!

This was not an easy accomplishment, but we did it and it is all thanks to you! Hundreds of volunteers from across the state came out in force to promote libertarian principles and gather more than 2300 signatures from over two-thirds of Iowa’s counties. This was truly a grassroots effort unlike anything I have seen in our state.

Thank you to the Jorgensen campaign and the national Libertarian Party for their support in our battle for ballot access. Thank you to LPIA Co-Chair Ed Wright, LPIA Treasurer Amy Wixted, and former LPIA Secretary Jules Ofenbakh for their help in reviewing and organizing the signatures and paperwork to be filed. Thank you to Bryan Jack Holder and Logan Spangler for attending and documenting the official filing of signatures with the Secretary of State.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who contributed to the effort, either through donating to the LPIA, gathered signatures, or even simply signed a petition to get Jo and Spike on the ballot. This would not have happened without all your support!

Now, let’s get ready to vote for real change and real principles in Iowa this fall!

In Liberty,

Mike Conner Jr

State Chair – Libertarian Party of Iowa

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