Chairman’s Report – June, 2020

It’s certainly been an interesting few months recently, hasn’t it. Whether it be the impact that COVID has had on the economy or tensions coming to a head in the streets, there is no doubt that a desire for change is in the air. Libertarians have been advocating for policies to alleviate many of these concerns for years, and many are stepping up to answer the call. With the issues of the day being in our wheelhouse people are starting to take notice of the Libertarian Party, and the Libertarian Party of Iowa is definitely seeing the effects. 

In the last 6 months, the LPIA’s has had 104 new or renewed members join the party. In comparison, last year we only had 29 memberships added. 

That’s an increase of 258% IN ONLY 6 MONTHS!!! 

That’s not all. So far this year the LPIA has already met AND EXCEEDED the party’s donations for all of 2019. This will have a huge impact as we head into a heated election this fall, both on the presidential ticket, as well as on cross ballot elections. These donations will help us ensure we obtain presidential ballot access this fall, continue to influence policy like we are currently doing in Des Moines, hold important events like our weekly podcast, bring attention to libertarian candidates across the state and country.

This is all due to you, and we THANK YOU!

We have a long ways to go though. Due to primaries in Iowa, the number of registered libertarians in Iowa has decreased by about 15%. This is in line with where we were during the primaries in 2016, but we still need to ensure that our message is getting out to Iowans to ensure we are able to grow the party and more importantly promote libertarian principles in Iowa. If you are not already registered as a Libertarian, we encourage you to do so here

As I mentioned above, your support has helped us focus on ensuring presidential ballot access in November. The LPIA recently launched a page on our website to encourage people to get involved by requesting a Presidential Nomination Petition and obtaining signatures. We are over a third of the way to our goal of 1500 signatures, and since launching our ballot access page we have emailed or mailed out more than 30 nomination petitions to help us ensure that the Libertarian Party is represented on the ballot this fall.

To help us achieve our goals, we have also lined up a big event that’s happening on Independence Day in Central Iowa. Pella has one of the few 4th of July events happening in all of Iowa this year due to cancelations, and the LPIA will be represented in the parade. We are holding a signature drive and walking in the parade on July 4th from 3pm-10pm. The parade has drawn national attention in the past, including having presidential candidates walking in the parade, and we have potential of reaching 30K or more during this event, so we want to have an amazing turnout. Check out our event page and come join us as we obtain signatures for Jo Jorgensen and promote liberty in Iowa.

Finally, I want to again thank all of your support of the LPIA this year. We cannot do this without you and your support is greatly appreciated! If you want to help us ensure success this fall, we hope you will sign up to VOLUNTEER for the party as we look to grow and expand our reach. We also invite you to DONATE to contribute what is already looking to be a RECORD YEAR

$500, $250, $100, $50, $25, and even $20 will contribute to our ability to protect liberty and freedom in Iowa. Click HERE to give whatever is in your budget. Recurring donations help us both with ballot access, and help us plan in advance and are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all that you do to advance liberty in Iowa. I look forward to working with all of you! 

Mike Conner Jr

Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Iowa

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