LPIA Candidate Filing Deadline, March 13th

Friend of Liberty,

With the LPIA ballot access/early candidate filing lawsuit pending in court, the 2020 filing deadline for partisan candidates for state house, state senate and federal elections is March 13th. County partisan offices is March 20th.

If you were considering running for office as a Libertarian, there’s limited time for you to petition and file to run for office. Here are some resources if you are wanting to run:

Iowa House: 50 signatures, can be done over a weekend
Iowa Senate: 100 signatures
US Congress: 375 signatures
US Senate 1500 signatures

What you must file at the secretary of state’s office original wet signature documents:
Affidavit of Candidacy
Nomination Petitions – petitioner must fill out top section, mark petition as “Non-Party Political Organization” and write in “Libertarian Party

2020 Candidate Guide

Best practice is to obtain 10-15% more signatures than you would need in case your filing is challenged.

If you are out gathering signatures and are running, click here to let us know,

Thank you,

Joseph Howe
LPIA Chair

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