Override Gov. Reynolds Cannabis Veto

Governor Reynolds has vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have expanded medical marijuana in the state of Iowa.  Now, thousands of Iowans are left suffering unnecessarily.

For nearly a decade, the state legislature has debated this issue and rarely has it done much to help Iowans who continue to suffer.  Things appear to slowly be changing.  This bipartisan bill passed the Republican-controlled Iowa House in a 96-3 vote and the Republican-controlled Iowa Senate 40-7.  The moment we appear to be making progress and legislators try to make some changes for the benefit of their constituents, the Governor slaps the bill down with her rarely used veto.

This bill passed with a big enough majority that they would be able to override the Governor’s veto, but it requires members of the legislature agreeing to go back to Des Moines.  Fortunately, some members of the legislature are calling for a special session to override the Governor’s last-minute veto of the bill.  Republicans and Democrats were both upset with the Governor as there was time for her to address her concerns before the bill passed instead of waiting until the legislature was out of session to issue a statement and her veto.

Members of the legislature tell me that they need your help to override this veto and give Iowans the medical freedom they deserve.  The legislature needs 2/3 of their members to agree to call a special session and override this veto.

Please join me in contacting your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to go back into special session to override Governor Reynold’s terrible and anti-liberty veto.

You can find the contact information for your state legislators at the link below:


In Liberty,

Jake Porter

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