Libertarian Fred Perryman to run in Senate District 30 Special Election

The LPIA is excited to announce that Fred Perryman, Cedar Falls area Sales Manager, Libertarian activist and LPIA SCC Alternate Representative, is seeking the Libertarian nomination for the Iowa Senate District 30 special election scheduled for March 19th. Below is his announcement:

To my fellow Iowans of District 30,

With the recent resignation of our former State Senator, Jeff Danielson, there will be an upcoming special election to fill his seat. I, Fred Perryman, formally announce my candidacy and humbly ask for your support.
As time has passed, I have never truly felt at home in the Republican or Democratic Party. I spent a great deal of time discussing this with others. In doing so, I found that many people agreed on one thing. The average citizen is not being truly represented by their elected officials. Furthermore, even when I agreed in principle with a philosophy, I was often disappointed with the method by which these goals were accomplished. Again, many people agreed.

Iowa is a great state, and both Cedar Falls and Waterloo play a vital role in it’s success. While I respect much of the work done on our behalf over the past few years, I often wonder how much more we could accomplish together without all the partisan politics. Meanwhile, issues that should have had bi-partisan support have gone unresolved. For example, restoring voting rights, improving ballot access, fighting crony capitalism, and legalizing marijuana are policies widely accepted by the majority of constituents, and yet no significant legislation has been passed.

We have an opportunity to represent our district with a candidate that respects the rights of all citizens regardless of which party we affiliate with. I believe I am that candidate.
Do you support liberty and an individual’s rights? Do you grow tired of the same old partisan politics that divide us? Would you like to make history? If so, vote for me, Fred Perryman, of the Libertarian Party, to represent us in our capital.

Thank you.

Perryman is looking for volunteers and donors, if interested please contact him at or click this Facebook link for his campaign social media.

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