Letter to the Editor: Hubbell Debate

Fred Hubbell recently challenged Libertarian gubernatorial nominee Jake Porter to debate, alongside Kim Reynolds. Isn’t it time he kept his word? If Hubbell was genuine in his challenge, how is it that he has ignored repeated overtures from the Porter campaign to set a date? It is unlikely Hubbell was not aware that stations he agreed to debate on use exclusionary criteria, how genuine was this offer? With Porter polling at 7%, he would qualify for an IPTV debate, why has not Hubbell accepted a challenge to debate there? Or is a likely scenario that Hubbell realized that his magnanimous offer would direct voter ire at Reynolds should Porter be excluded? Hubbell can settle this by keeping his word and setting a time and place with Jake Porter to debate the issues, as Iowa voters deserve. If Hubbell wants to be governor for all Iowans, he should show real leadership here.

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