80% of Iowans Support Medical Marijuana But Legislature Stalls

80% of Iowans Support Medical Marijuana But Legislature Stalls

A new Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll has found that 80% of Iowans support allowing sick Iowans the ability to use medical marijuana in the state.  This is up from 58% in a 2013 poll.

While the people of Iowa and the Libertarian Party are overwhelmingly in favor of allowing sick people to treat their illness with medical marijuana, the state legislature debates things such as banning college football on Friday nights.   Even worse, they can move committee members around to pass the gasoline tax increase, but they want to give medical marijuana to the committee of Representative Clel Baudler, a man who bragged about blocking medication for sick children after he has admitted to illegally obtaining medical marijuana in California himself.

In 2014, the state of Iowa prosecuted the late Benton Mackenzie who was successfully treating his cancer with cannabis oil.  Benton passed away the next year without access to his medication after successfully treating his cancer for years.

“The Iowa Legislature has had years to come up with a program that finally allows sick Iowans their medication.  We are not even talking about anything that will get a person high.  We are talking about an oil and these monsters continue to fight it.  The fact that members of our legislature remain ignorant, but brag about their ignorance speaks to how out of touch they are with the average Iowan” said Libertarian Party of Iowa Executive Director Jake Porter.

The Libertarian Party of Iowa is dedicated to promoting medical choice and your donations help us advance the issue and run candidates that will work to allow sick Iowans their medication:

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