How to Get Your Johnson-Weld Yard Signs & Other Campaign Tools

There are yard signs, bumper stickers, rack cards (informational sheets about the candidates and their approach to government), and more available to help promote name familiarity of and provide reasons for your neighbors to vote for Gary Johnson and William Weld for the presidential ticket.

There are three ways to request a Johnson-Weld yard sign:
1 – Go to the Iowans for Gary Johnson Facebook page and send a private message to the group.
2 – Go to the Johnson-Weld campaign website and click a box on the volunteer page to request a yard sign and/or to volunteer.
3 – Send an email to┬á

You also may obtain Johnson-Weld campaign materials by shopping at the campaign store online, where there are also buttons and t-shirts promoting the candidates.Nick Serianni

Our Iowa candidates also have yard signs and materials you can request to promote their campaigns. Check with their individual campaigns to find out how you can help. The picture to the right shows Iowa Senate District 6 candidate Nick Serianni proudly standing next to one of his signs.

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