Libertarian Party of Iowa Condemns Iowa Utilities Board Verdict on Eminent Domain for Private Pipeline

Des Moines, Iowa (06/26/2024) – The Libertarian Party of Iowa vehemently condemns today’s Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) decision, which grants a private company the power to seize land through eminent domain for the construction of a carbon dioxide pipeline. This decision not only violates the property rights of Iowans but also represents a fundamental betrayal of the principle that all individuals have the right to be secure in their property.

“Eminent domain, whether invoked by government or facilitated through regulatory bodies like the IUB, is an egregious violation of individual rights,” said Jules Cutler, Libertarian Party of Iowa Chairwoman. “Forcing property owners to relinquish their land against their will, whether for public or private gain, undermines the very foundation of property rights and personal freedom”. 

Despite overwhelming public opposition, with 78% of Iowans opposing the use of eminent domain for carbon capture pipelines (Source: [Des Moines Register]), the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) has proceeded with this contentious decision, reflecting a blatant disregard for the will of the people and sets a dangerous precedent for property rights in Iowa. Landowners have reported aggressive tactics from the pipeline company, including threats and lawsuits, and some company representatives have even faced charges of trespassing. The IUB, comprised of appointees from Republican governors, has ignored both public sentiment and the precedent set by the Iowa Supreme Court, which ruled against granting eminent domain to entities that are not common carriers. This decision comes despite significant public and legal challenges and is supported by major political donors and former elected officials, raising serious concerns about conflicts of interest (Source: [Iowa Capital Dispatch]).

“While other companies with similar projects, like Navigator CO2 Ventures, have halted their plans due to regulatory challenges and public resistance, this company has persisted with the backing of powerful political figures and financial interests,” Cutler pointed out. “Today’s decision highlights the significant influence of these entities wield over regulatory bodies and raises further concerns about democratic principles in Iowa.”

Moreover, this pipeline project is being funded by substantial “green economy” tax credits from the current Democratic administration in Washington, aimed at further manipulating market economies to promote an agenda. (Source: [AP News]). This bipartisan assault on property rights underscores the Libertarian Party’s stance that both major parties are complicit in eroding the freedoms of Iowans.

We are witnessing a bipartisan betrayal,” Cutler asserted. “While some Republicans have spoken out against the IUB’s decision, their words ring hollow. Despite controlling the governor’s office and both chambers of the state legislature, they have failed to take meaningful action to protect Iowans from this overreach.”

Cutler emphasized, “Eminent domain is fundamentally incompatible with a free society. The Libertarian Party of Iowa stands with Iowans in their commitment to protecting property rights from all threats, whether from government agencies or private entities seeking undue influence.”

Call to Action:

Iowans have the power to hold elected officials accountable for their inaction and complicity this November. We urge all who value property rights and individual freedoms to join us in demanding an end to eminent domain and ensuring the safety and sovereignty of our communities.



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