Founded: April 19, 1975

Achieved official Iowa Major Party Status: March 1, 2017

Previous Election Results

LPIA officials Joshua Herbert, Keith Laube, Paul Pate (Secretary of State), James Schneider, Tim Hird and Myra Matekja upon filing the LPIA as a major party in Iowa. Keith Laube was the presiding State Chairman when status was earned.


State Chair History


Bill Bockoven (1975-1977)

John Ball (1977-1978)

Gary Roewe (1978-1981)

Mike Grant (1981-1982)

Dale Roewe (1982-1983)

Mike Lewis (1983-1985)

Tim Hird (1987-1991)

Marcia Roewe (1991-1995)

Dick Kruse (1995-1997)

Randy Herod (1997-1999)

Mark Nelson (1999-2005)

Christy Ann Welty (2005-2006)

Kevin Litten (2006-2007)

Ed Wright (2007-2013)

Keith Laube (2013-2017)

James Schneider (2017-2018)

Joseph Howe (2018-Present)


Rob Green – Cedar Falls City Council At-Large

Ryan Ketelsen – Guthrie County Hospital Trustee

Nathan Gentry – Rockwell City City Council

Ryan Ketelsen – Panora City Council

Andrew Smith – West Union City Council

Roxann Swanson – Hartley City Council

Amanda Swanson – Decatur City Council

Jeremy Rodman – Glenwood City Council

Dale Roewe – Swan Lake Township Trustee, Pocahontas County 

Taylor Roewe – Swan Lake Township Trustee, Pocahontas County