“It is an exciting time to be a Libertarian.”

Keith Laube, former LPIA Chair upon political party status being achieved

Running candidates is nothing new for the Libertarian Party of Iowa, but major changes are in store now that we are an official political party. Here we will take a look at some key election and campaign points to help us win. Part of that victory plan is about educating and recruiting Libertarians to be not only candidates, but also campaign staff, volunteers, voters, and promoters. We have gained considerable electoral experience and exposure as Libertarians in the past six years, but we are still a young party with many members new to electoral politics.

  • We have always had candidates who started their campaigns early in an election year, but now our candidates will also file their nomination papers early in the year. Pay attention to the countdown calendar showing how many days remain until candidates must file for the 2018 primary election. That deadline is already less than a year away. If you are thinking about being a candidate, it is not too early to start working on specifics for your campaign.
  • We do not want to forget about municipal and school board elections. While these are non-partisan elections and positions, that only means there is no official party designation for candidates or elected officials. If you are a Libertarian interested in seeking one of these local offices, we want to hear from you. If there is a county group where you live, go to their meetings, talk with the members, gain supporters, recruit volunteers. If there is no county affiliate, contact your LPIA Central Committee representative.



2018 Libertarian Party Candidates

Gubernatorial Primary

  • Jake Porter
  • Marco Battaglia

U.S. Congress

  • Congressional District 3 – Bryan Holder
  • Congressional District 4 – Charles Aldrich

Secretary of State

  • Jules Ofenbakh – Seeking nomination via convention

Iowa Senate

  • Eric Cooper SD 23
  • Carl Krambeck SD 37

Iowa House (all 100 districts)

  • Marrianna Collins HD 34
  • Patrick Shaw HD 47
  • John Evans HD 49
  • Lucas Link HD 57
  • John George HD 75
  • Nick Ryan HD 79
  • David Melchart HD 97

Select County Offices

  • Jocelyn Fry – Polk County Supervisor
  • Joe Gleason – Polk County Supervisor

REMEMBER: To Vote in the Libertarian Primary on June 5, 2018, you must be a registered Libertarian. You can Register online through the Iowa Department of Transportation’s website.

*In Iowa, political party status requires receiving at least 2% of the votes for the top office each election. That means we must earn at least 2% of the vote for our gubernatorial candidate in 2018 to remain a political party. We can do that, with your help.



Rob Green – Cedar Falls City Council At-Large

Ryan Ketelsen – Guthrie County Hospital Trustee

Nathan Gentry – Rockwell City City Council

Ryan Ketelsen – Panora City Council

Andrew Smith – West Union City Council

Roxann Swanson – Hartley City Council

Amanda Swanson – Decatur City Council

Jeremy Rodman – Glenwood City Council