“It is an exciting time to be a Libertarian.”

Keith Laube, former LPIA Chair upon political party status being achieved

2018 has been a year of change for Iowa Libertarians, as a party this is our first year holding caucuses and county convention and our first Primary Election as a major party. Our party has candidates up and down the ticket and our media coverage has gone through the roof, but this is just a start, we need more folks willing to run, to volunteer for candidates and to ensure that local Libertarian officials keep their seats and work as a force to hold government accountable at all levels. If you are interested in running for office, please click “Get Involved” in the menu and fill out our Run for Office form. As well, reach out to the candidates linked below to see how you can help them and their campaigns! 

2018 Libertarian Party Candidates

Iowa House (all 100 districts)

Select County Offices

REMEMBER: To Vote in the Libertarian Primary on June 5, 2018, you must be a registered Libertarian. You can Register online through the Iowa Department of Transportation’s website.

*In Iowa, political party status requires receiving at least 2% of the votes for the top office each election. That means we must earn at least 2% of the vote for our gubernatorial candidate in 2018 to remain a political party. We can do that, with your help.


Rob Green – Cedar Falls City Council At-Large

Ryan Ketelsen – Guthrie County Hospital Trustee

Nathan Gentry – Rockwell City City Council

Ryan Ketelsen – Panora City Council

Andrew Smith – West Union City Council

Roxann Swanson – Hartley City Council


Amanda Swanson – Decatur City Council

Jeremy Rodman – Glenwood City Council

Dale Roewe – Swan Lake Township Trustee, Pocahontas County 

Taylor Roewe – Swan Lake Township Trustee, Pocahontas County