Chairman’s Report – September, 2020

What a summer it’s been for Iowa Libertarians!

In my last Chairman’s Report in June I talked about the growth the LPIA has seen but also laid out a number of challenges we were going to be facing in the months ahead. The response we have seen in the months since has been INCREDIBLE, with people from all across Iowa coming out in force to meet these challenges head on.

One of the biggest challenges Libertarians faced in Iowa and beyond was obtaining ballot access for the Jorgensen/Cohen ticket. Here in Iowa we needed to obtain a minimum of 1500 signatures just to make sure Iowans would see Jo and Spike’s names on the ballot in November, which is a difficult task in a normal year, let alone one impacted by restrictions from COVID-19.

Iowans from all across the state answered the call and in the end gathered OVER 2300 signatures to ensure we will have a libertarian voice on the ballot this fall!

Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen will be joining seven other Iowans running for office from across the state on the ballot in November, and it is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of Iowans like yourself.

We also hosted a very successful event event with our next VP Spike Cohen in Des Moines. Spike came out to speak to and more importantly talk with Iowan’s about issues that are important to them. Local candidates Rick Stewart, ToyA Johnson, Bryan Jack Holder, and Jules Ofenbakh also spoke to a crowd of passionate Iowa libertarians. It was a great day for liberty in Iowa!

We have a lot of work left to do. Over the next two months the state party, county parties, and candidates alike will be hosting events across the state to promote libertarian candidates and ideas. A great example is a Jo Jorgensen sign wave that the LPIA will be hosting next Saturday, 9/26 in Des Moines. You can find all of the details for the LPIA/Jorgensen sign wave HERE.

We’re also focusing heavily on outreach to help grow our party. Just last week US Senate Candidate Rick Stewart and myself had the opportunity to join Des Moines Spanish Radio station La Q Buena to discuss the Libertarian Party. There are also events being planned to reach out to voters from all across Iowa that may not be aware of the LPIA, and we’re excited to see the growth that we will see coming off of these events.

We have an amazing opportunity to add to what has already been a record year for the LPIA in growth and membership, but we can’t do it without your support! Your financial support is vital to help us grow, expand our reach, and promote libertarian ideas across Iowa.

$500$250$100$50, and even $25 will allow us to hold events and support candidates in Iowa. Click HERE to give whatever is in your budget. Recurring donations help us both with our activities as we head to the election, as well as help recruit, plan events, and influence public policy through strategic planning for elections and advocacy for years to come.

Thank you for your generosity, for supporting the Libertarian Party of Iowa, and for all that you do to advance liberty in Iowa. 

Mike Conner Jr

Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Iowa

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